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We often hear about the "calm before the storm", but not so much about the "calm in the storm". And it may even sound as though that may be impossible. How can we have calm IN our storms? While we are going through stressful times or unexpected destruction around us, it is possible to maintain as much of a calm perspective as you can. It is possible. And stress or strife or obstacles are often what form us, grow us, give us wisdom, improve our lives, and offer us something bright at the end of the dark moments.

What hits closest to home for me with all of this is the recent devastation that we saw here in Houston, TX after the snowstorm. From outages to irreparable damages and more, we all got hit very hard here in Houston and surrounding areas. Kids cold and crying and scared. We as parents were scared as well. It was all so nerve-wracking. No power for a week after the storm! The entire experience helped put things into perspective and helped us learn to appreciate the little (and big!) things we take for granted often. We had to make major adjustments quickly, just as so many others also had to, but we were able to stay strong and find calm in our storm and overcome it all. My husband and I knew that we had to stay strong for the kids. But the entire experience was definitely a rollercoaster of emotions.

Even though life throws all of us challenges, we must try to let go of what we cannot control and not worry about things that have not happened. Try to create or find and enjoy all of life's happy moments whenever you can. Make it a habit to be happier and keep your mind in a more positive place. Some days are easier to do this than others, but what matters most is that we TRY everyday. Keep going.

Some good news to report in my life is that we recently closed on our home! We are grateful. Normally I'm the one helping people buy or sell their home, but this time it was me on the other side of that coin and I was the homebuyer. We are so happy to have closed on our home and now on to great things ahead! Springtime seems to be starting at a fast and positive pace both personally and professionally, and I'm looking forward to settling into my new home with my family, as well as excited to be pursuing a focused branding approach with my business and the help of Confident Closers Branding & Consulting.

Resilience! Growth! Change! And embracing the calm in all storms. This is the formula for overcoming whatever life throws our way. We're only human. We do what we can. But we're most certainly stronger than we think we are. And I'm so proud after watching my home area of Houston, TX stand strong through the storm just as I've tried to do with my own. To happy days ahead & knowing how strong we truly are!

DARENA CANIZALEZ Real Estate Specialist | REMAX Houston, TX

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