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Darena Canizalez is an exceptionally intelligent and highly competent real estate professional, known for her top-tier performance and comprehensive expertise in the industry. Her deep understanding of all aspects of the home buying and selling experience, backed by her intimate knowledge of Houston's neighborhoods, makes her a trusted partner in your real estate journey.

Darena is up-to-date with market trends and excels at identifying up-and-coming areas. Her clients value her professionalism, clear communication, and her commitment to making them her top priority. Always ready to answer questions and provide assistance, Darena goes above and beyond to ensure a stress-free experience for her clients.

As a skilled Master Certified Negotiation Expert (MCNE) and highly experienced ABR-Accredited Buyer's Representative, Darena's approach is highly personalized. She tailors her services to each client's unique needs, ensuring they feel supported throughout the process. Her excellent negotiation skills, combined with her patient and positive attitude, make the home buying or selling process smooth and enjoyable.

Beyond her role as a realtor, Darena is a valued community advocate and mom who genuinely cares for her clients. She strives to make the home buying process simple, quick, and free from stress. With Darena, you can expect a super smart, business-savvy realtor with a huge heart.

Highly recommended by a multitude of satisfied clients, Darena Canizalez is the realtor of choice for those seeking outstanding service and dedication in their real estate journey.

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I envision a future where every client feels empowered and successful in their real estate journey. By continuously cultivating my knowledge and expertise in the Houston real estate market, I aim to foster a service that not only meets but surpasses expectations. My vision is to create lasting relationships, contribute positively to the community, and set a new standard for integrity, dedication, and client satisfaction in real estate.


Empowering clients to navigate the Houston real estate market with confidence, my mission is to provide a professional, knowledgeable, and personalized service that prioritizes clients' needs and aspirations. Guided by principles of integrity, dedication, and adaptability, I am committed to delivering exceptional results while cultivating enduring relationships, ensuring that every client feels valued, informed, and successful in their real estate journey.


Experience the best of Houston real estate with Darena Canizalez. Leveraging extensive market knowledge and a client-centric approach, I provide top-notch service that makes the buying and selling process smooth and enjoyable. Join me in turning your real estate dreams into reality




We’re Coining the term, “A Match Made in Houston”


"Success in our profession hinges upon the ability of our skills as real estate professionals to come together and collaborate to create a harmonious symphony of Success!"


Darena and Andrea have been sourcing inventory, working to the benefit of their clients, and collaborating on the best real estate that the metro area and beyond has to offer. With a team of professionals, each treasure hunt becomes a fun experience from start to finish that has our clients coming back over and over for all of their real estate needs.  


We’re lucky that we work in an industry that fosters the ability to truly work with people we enjoy working with. In fact, that’s why we’re partners! We are the perfect blend of sourcing ability, finding the perfect fit, and knowing the trends so you don’t have any guesswork. All are at your fingertips!


We’d love to get to know you better!

Andrea & Darena

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